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Skip the fish is our Site Mascot - follow him to find the best restaurants

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Meet our site mascot, Skip. He's here to swim along with you to the best restaurants in town
- any town!

If you love food, there's no doubt you'll love great restaurants and we're sure you'll love finding and sharing them with your friends. In fact, sharing the best places to eat is what skipthefish is all about.

Skip figured out early in life that there's no great mystery in finding the best places to eat as long as you have friends! You wait 'til the food appears, then follow your friends to find what is tastiest! That's the simple philosophy behind When someone in the school finds a place with great food, they share the news with Skip by uploading a restaurant menu. Once the menus hit the fish tank, you can follow those recommendations with our easy restaurant search.

Sharing your favorite menus with Skip and his friends is also great fun...when you join the fish tank, you'll automatically create your personal school and be able to upload and share pictures of your favorite restaurant menus, add comments, find and follow other restaurants and other schools.

Register now and get started, or go to about us to learn more about Skip and the fun you can have when you jump into