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About skip the fish

Skipthefish is a new type of social network. The aim of the site is to connect with other food lovers & share the coolest menus and best places to eat, from your local neighborhood to the places you visit right around the world!

Skip is a friendly fish who loves to make friends, eat great food and share his favorite restaurant menus on He also loves to share tips on the best dishes - and the ones that might have been a disappointment. Even better, Skip loves a little fun, so you can be sure he has plans to inject plenty of excitement into the fish tank along the way!

Getting Started

The first step is to register for your free account. When you register, you automatically create your own personal "school" within the fish tank. Your school is where all of your shared menus and comments can be seen. When you share a restaurant with the fish tank, you also create a school for that restaurant which is automatically added to your "follows".

Getting in the Swim

Once you've created your school, it's time to start exploring the fish tank to find and follow other schools. You can join the school of any restaurant you like, or perhaps swim along with members whose restaurant "follows" are reflect your own favorite food style. Looking for great thai restaurant menu options? Obviously you can use our easy restaurant search to find and follow the thai restaurant schools already in the swim, but following a member who loves thai food will also give you access to new thai restaurant schools they create or follow.

Every restaurant entry starts with a menu. First, grab a picture of the menu from your favorite eating place. Whether it's a cool wall menu, a funky chalkboard, leather-bound parchment, simple take-out leaflet or something in between, Skip loves to see cool menus & find new places to eat.